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Unlock Operational Efficiency with TROVU TROVU is an innovative Text Recognition and Retrieval solution by Black Basil Technologies that empowers organizations to achieve unparalleled operational efficiency. Key Benefits Save Time – Our automated system significantly reduces the time spent on … Read More



KAIWA Customize Conversational AI to Match Your Business At Black Basil Technologies, we are pioneering the next evolution of conversational AI – customized chatbots tailored to your specific needs. Our groundbreaking platform, currently in development, will put the power of … Read More


Data-Driven Lead Scoring The Problem Many businesses struggle with low quality leads and inefficient lead generation. They lack insights to identify and prioritize their most valuable leads. Outreach efforts are wasted on contacts unlikely to convert. Our Solution We have … Read More



Get Voice AI Solution In Seconds‚Äč Get In Touch All Your Voice Needs In A Single VOICE-AI Powered Ecosystem Voice AI Our Voice AI automates the whole end to end process of building custom 1. Speech to Text, 2. Text … Read More

Starter Kit For AI/ML Models

Cortex – Starter Kit for building AI/ML models

Many organizations struggle with executing end-to-end data science projects. Data preprocessing is manual and time-consuming. Model building involves ad-hoc experimentation and is not systematic. Productionalizing and monitoring models is an afterthought. This leads to suboptimal model performance, slow experimentation, and … Read More