Black Basil Technologies


Data-Driven Lead Scoring

The Problem

Many businesses struggle with low quality leads and inefficient lead generation. They lack insights to identify and prioritize their most valuable leads. Outreach efforts are wasted on contacts unlikely to convert.

Our Solution

We have developed a flexible lead scoring system to predict and rank leads based on likelihood to convert. By combining data from multiple sources, we build complete lead profiles. Advanced machine learning models score leads to focus outreach on high value targets.


– Increased lead conversion rates

– Improved marketing and sales efficiency

– Higher ROI from lead generation

– Data-driven insights on most valuable profiles

– Customized lead scoring for your industry

How It Works

Our platform integrates data from disparate sources relevant to your business:

– First party data like customer profiles and activity

– Third party data for demographic, firmographic, and intent signals

– Public records, company data, and other external sources

We engineer predictive features that correlate with lead conversion based on your unique needs. Models are tailored to your industry, data, and use case.

Finally, leads are automatically scored and ranked for sales teams to prioritize the most promising contacts. Focus time on high-value conversations.

Get Started Today

Contact us for a free consultation on data-driven lead scoring. We can assess your current process and build a customized solution for your business. Join the future of lead generation and convert more leads into customers!

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