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We leverage Insight Driven Health to help clients achieve more cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality healthcare. Our approach is driven by innovation and draws upon our team’s real-world experience, clinical and business knowledge and the latest technologies. We offer a full range of services that position our customers at the vanguard of healthcare intelligence – from behind the scenes to doctor’s visits.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Better Patient Outcomes

We’re revolutionizing healthcare with data-driven solutions that improve patient care. Our team of data scientists, analysts and engineers partners with leading health systems to drive better care delivery through advanced analytics. .

Our healthcare solutions leverage predictive analytics and automation to:

Streamline Post-Acute Care

– Coordinate care transitions and reduce readmissions with data-powered workflow optimization.

Automate Complex Workflows

– AI-driven automation handles repetitive tasks so clinicians can focus on patients.

Enable Non-Invasive Diagnosis

– Surface clinical insights from MRI, CT and other imaging using computer vision and deep learning.

Boost Prescription Accuracy

– Our algorithms combine patient data and empirical prescribing patterns to provide decision support and recommend optimal drug choices.

Centralize Vital Information

– Consolidate EHR records, diagnostics, predictions and alerts on our platform for a comprehensive patient view.

Healthcare Packages Tailored to Your Needs

We offer customizable solution packages designed around your workflows, patients, and clinical objectives:

Post-Acute Care Coordination

– Orchestrate transitions, reduce readmissions and boost outcomes with discharge planning tools.

Workflow Optimization

– Automate repetitive administrative tasks like billing, scheduling, and documentation with AI.

Imaging Diagnostics

– Extract insights from scans using computer vision and deep learning without invasive tests.

Prescription Guidance

– Clinical decision support with data-based prescription recommendations to augment clinician judgment.

Unified Clinical View

– Consolidate patient data from all systems and surfaces key insights in one dashboard.

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