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We work on cutting edge technologies which provides lot of learning opportunities. If you are interested in making an incredible impact across different areas in technology, then do join us !!

Life at Blackbasil

At Black Basil, we pride ourselves on an engaging culture that brings out the best in our people.

Our values of trust, creativity, respect and humor foster an enjoyable atmosphere where employees feel energized and empowered to do meaningful work.

Company perks

Flexible schedule

Best Health Insurance

All employees get the best health insurance covering parents, maternity, pre-existing diseases, etc.


We believe in wealth sharing and we provide very good compensation.

Incubate your ideas

While working with us. We offer free time and support to bright ideas.


Continued education and professional development.

Maternity and Paternity Leaves

Internship & New Grads Program (INGP)

Black Basil Technologies is committed to hiring and nurturing visionary leaders and innovators passionate about making a positive impact in technology.

We understand that it can be challenging for recent graduates to find opportunities that provide meaningful career growth. However, we feel we are responsible for cultivating the next generation of professionals who can make a difference in the world. That’s why we offer various roles and possibilities for current students and recent graduates across all our solutions and services.

As a valued member of the Black Basil Technologies team, you can join a select group of professionals in our Internship & New Grads Program (INGP). This exclusive program provides unparalleled opportunities to develop your leadership skills, learn from our experienced executives and other leading figures in the industry, and connect and socialize with your peers.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Black Basil Technologies, we uphold the sentiment of Jesse Jackson’s quote that “When everyone is included, everyone wins.” We strongly believe that diversity and inclusion should not be limited to solely hiring individuals from varied cultural backgrounds, races, or genders. Rather, we integrate diversity and inclusion as a fundamental aspect of our mindset and practices, encompassing all aspects of our operations, from recruitment and communication to the successful delivery of projects.


Innovation and the ability to think outside the box are at the core of our work culture. We encourage our team members to explore new avenues and take calculated risks in pursuit of bigger and better ideas that shape the future of innovation. Our organization values a bottom-up approach to ideation, where all members are welcome to share their ideas freely and engage in discussions that drive innovation. This approach fosters a sense of motivation, freedom, and ownership among all members, contributing to creating something impactful and groundbreaking.

Our top priority is building a team that performs at the highest level and makes a significant impact. We encourage creativity in all daily operations and problem-solving aspects, not just in developing new technologies. We are committed to creating a culture that offers all team members opportunities to make a difference, gain recognition for their contributions, and advance in their careers. We have great faith in our people and consider them our greatest assets. Empowering and supporting them will inevitably lead to remarkable contributions to the future of technology.

Come Lets Work Together

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