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Cultivate the Seeds of Innovation. Build a Unicorn or Lead the Enterprise Race.​

Data & AI Product Guidance, Management and Engineering From Idea to Unicorn. Serving Exact Business Purpose​

Fast-Track Your Launch with Confidence.
Unveil a Product that Breaks the Mold.
Cultivate Growth from Root to Revenue.

Cultivate the Seeds of Innovation. Build a Unicorn or Lead the Enterprise Race.​​

Data & AI Product Guidance, Management and Engineering From Idea to Unicorn. Serving Exact Business Purpose​

Cultivate the Seeds of Innovation.
Build a Unicorn or Lead the Enterprise Race.

Data & AI Product Guidance, Management and Engineering From Idea to Unicorn.
Serving Exact Business Purpose

Businesses struggle to translate AI ideas into actionable plans.
We bridge the gap between vision and reality.
Technical complexities make it difficult to understand AI development.
AI Development Complexities Simplified.
Unforeseen technical challenges lead to cost overruns and project delays.
With clear costs & timelines, your AI project stays on track.

Delivery. Engineering. Innovation

Launch Fast, Land Soft

Agile based delivery excellence with keen focus on right engineering practices and principles

Impeccable Quality

Solid engineering foundation with quality gates at all stages with focus on automation

Disruptive Innovation

Proven methods for AI experimentation ensures seamless and efficient innovation

What Our Clients Say

Vimal Tejwani

It has been a great partnership with BBT. Rajat and entire team has been amazing to work with and glad to have them on our side. It has been more than 1yr working with them and they have delivered every single time.

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Vimal Tejwani

Co-founder, COEUS DnA

Christina DuVarney

Every milestone was completed on time, and the final product was delivered as scheduled. They respect deadlines, which is crucial for any business relying on timely product launches.

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Christina DuVarney

Founder and CEO at Beautiful Disaster Clothing

Rajesh Patel

I had the pleasure of consulting with Black Basil Technologies for my AI product idea, and I must say, the experience was exceptional.

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Rajesh Patel

Entrepreneur, Cani Portfolio Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
Vipin Makhija - Founder & Product Strategy

Vipin Makhija

“Over the last few months, the Black Basil team has worked diligently on both strategy and execution of an ambitious vision to use AI and Data Science to create a solution for the real estate industry.
The team used its varied skill set and experience to process complex data sets from multiple sources and create multiple models to satisfy the business needs.
The team has always provided transparency and regular communication during the execution.
We have also created a roadmap for the future to build on the foundation of what was developed in the first phase. Look forward to continued engagement with them.”

Vipin Makhija

Founder & Product Strategy, Bizooda
Wisen Tanasa. CTO

Wisen Tanasa

“Black Basil was engaged to contribute to our office marketplace application and their consultants contributed to the application since the day they were on boarded. They became an integral part of the team, contributing quickly to shipping our front-end features and, most significantly, the integration to Google Maps.”

Wisen Tanasa

CTO, UPMO (acquired by DeVono)
Murali Vivekanandan · Co-founder & CTO

Murali Vivekanandan

Black Basil played a key strategic role in shaping up our new age automation platform’s architecture ensuring the platform is designed and delivered well with the right engineering practices. They also provided the right guidance on building our long term data strategy by following the Data Lakehouse architecture.

Murali Vivekanandan

Co-founder & CTO, Element5

Service Pillars

Safe, Smart & Fast AI: We deliver powerful solutions to help your business soar

software solutions

Shift Left Approach

Bring in Quality, Security early in the game

software solutions

Trusted team of experts

Access to Team of AI Experts, Proven Results.
We exceed expectations, every time.

software solutions

Agile Delivery Excellence

Adapt fast, deliver on time.
Your project stays on track with our flexible approach.

software solutions

Business Intelligence

Turn Data into Profits.
We analyze your data, giving you insights to grow your business.

How We Work

We understand the business needs and provide the right software solutions. We take small steps to continuously provide the value following shift left approach.


We connect with customers and understand the current landscape and business and tech needs and problems.

Develop Solution

We provide software solutions and roadmap. We learn if required, and adopt very fast!

Delivery Roadmap

We do the high level estimates and find out the team composition. We provide the delivery roadmap with milestones.

Iteratively Execute

We do the iteration/sprint planning and do the real work for providing you the value iteratively. In each iteration we repeatedly do: Analyze - Estimate - Develop/Test - Deploy

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At Black Basil Technologies, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. Our tailored AI solutions are designed to fit various budget constraints without compromising quality or performance. We work closely with our clients to find solutions that align with their financial capabilities while maximizing the benefits of AI technology.
No AI expertise on your team? No problem. Our team at Black Basil Technologies is comprised of experienced AI professionals who are here to guide you every step of the way. From initial consultation to implementation and beyond, we provide comprehensive support and training to ensure seamless integration and management of AI solutions within your organization.
Transparency and accountability are paramount at Black Basil Technologies. We believe in demystifying AI and providing our clients with full visibility into the decision-making process. Through explainable AI techniques and ongoing monitoring, we ensure that our AI solutions are not only effective but also trustworthy.
At Black Basil Technologies, we are more than just strategists. We are hands-on partners in your AI journey, actively involved in building and implementing AI products tailored to your specific needs. From ideation to deployment, our team works collaboratively with yours to turn ideas into tangible solutions.
Time is of the essence, and we understand the importance of speed to market. Our agile approach to AI development allows us to deliver results efficiently without compromising quality. With Black Basil Technologies, you can expect rapid deployment and iterative improvements to meet your deadlines and objectives.
Your success is our success. At Black Basil Technologies, we measure our performance by the impact we create for our clients. We provide clear metrics and KPIs to track progress and demonstrate the value of our partnership. With regular performance reviews and open communication, you’ll always know where you stand.
Choosing the right AI consultant is crucial for the success of your AI initiatives. At Black Basil Technologies, we stand out for our expertise, experience, and client-centric approach. Our track record of successful projects, industry recognition, and satisfied clients speak volumes about our commitment to excellence.
Absolutely. At Black Basil Technologies, we specialize in integrating AI solutions with existing systems, regardless of their age or complexity. Our team of experts has extensive experience in modernizing legacy systems and ensuring seamless compatibility with cutting-edge AI technology.
AI implementation is not without its challenges, but at Black Basil Technologies, we mitigate risks through thorough analysis, strategic planning, and continuous optimization. Our agile approach allows us to adapt and refine our solutions based on real-world feedback, minimizing the gamble and maximizing the potential for success.
Even with limited data, AI can still offer valuable insights and solutions. At Black Basil Technologies, we leverage techniques such as transfer learning and data augmentation to make the most of available data while preparing for future growth. We’ll work with you to explore the possibilities and determine the best approach for your unique situation.
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