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Office Marketplace Application

Office Marketplace Application

Black Basil built an office market place application for a real estate firm based out in UK, which streamlined the office bookings and increased the revenue for the client by 80% and disrupted the way people book the offices.

About DeVono 

DeVono is a U.K based firm Office Space & Commercial Property Consultants. Supporting businesses across the UK & Internationally.
DeVono acquired UPMO which was originally built for streamlining office market place



Platform Built

Black Basil built a web application using Vue.js for UI and AWS Functions for backend and DynamoDB for data store.

It leverages Algolia for search and Google map API for visualizing office locations on the map.

For more details see the open architecture.

Key Results

Black Basil was engaged to contribute to our office marketplace application and their consultants contributed to the application since the day they were onboarded. They became an integral part of the team, contributing quickly to shipping our front-end features and, most significantly, the integration to Google Maps.

Wisen Tanasa
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