Black Basil Technologies

New Age Hyper Automation Platform

New Age Hyper Automation Platform

Black Basil Technologies built a new age hyper automation platform resulting in scalable, cost efficient and and faster roll out of new workflows in one third of implementation time

About Element5

The company was founded in 2019 by four post-acute care industry veterans distressed by the sheer amount of time spent on manual tasks. This company is working to eliminate 200,000 manual hours a year spent on administrative work.


The company built platform 1.0 and started with with UiPath and after couple years they found that they cannot scale and achieve its ambitious goals with the current platform as it lacks some important features. Some of the limitations were:


Black Basil Technologies built a new-age platform for creating prebuilt workflows, deployments, and operationalization of workflows for multiple clients. It was critical in shaping the new-age automation platform’s architecture. It collaborated well with the architects, product managers, technical leads, and developers, ensuring the platform was designed and delivered well with good engineering practices.

The Platform

Technologies Used

Node js
type script
UI Path

Key Results

"Black Basil played a key strategic role in shaping up our new age automation platform's architecture and collaborated well with our architects, product manager, technical leads and developers ensuring the platform is designed and delivered well with the right engineering practices. They provided thought leadership in DevOps, QA Automation and Agile delivery to ensure that Element5 emerges as an 'Elite DevOps performer' based on DORA metrics. They also provided the right guidance on building our long-term data strategy by following the Data Lakehouse architecture. Their tech leadership is never hesitant even in having code pairing sessions with our developers and are always ready to roll up their sleeves whenever required."
Murali Vivekanandan
Co-founder & CTO, Element5
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