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1. Search with Ease

Enter your word or sentence in the search bar, and watch as TROVU displays a list of documents matching your query.

TROVU Data From Your Documents

2. Choose the Right Document

Browse through the list of documents and select the one that fits your needs. TROVU ensures you find exactly what you're looking for.

Fetch the data from your documents instantly

3. Open and Explore

Open your chosen document in the integrated PDF viewer. Read, review, and explore your files effortlessly with TROVU.

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Why Choose TROVU?

Instant Answers: TROVU gets you the information you need in seconds. No more digging through folders or losing time—your documents are just a search away.

Open and Read Effortlessly : Once you’ve found your document, open it in a snap with our integrated PDF viewer. Reading your files has never been more seamless.

Everything in One Place : Tired of scattered files? TROVU brings everything together, so you can see all your documents in one organized space. No more hunting through different folders.

No More Lost Time : TROVU is your time-saving companion. Spend less time searching and more time enjoying your documents. We’re all about efficiency.


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