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Unleash the Story
Within Your Data

KAIWA is a revolutionary AI-powered data storytelling tool that empowers you to transform complex data sets into compelling narratives. Make data-driven decisions with ease and communicate insights effectively to any audience.

Welcome to the world of
Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).
KAIWA is not just a tool, It's a seamless experience crafted to break down technical barriers.

Imagine effortlessly adopting cutting-edge technology without the headache of technical challenges. Kaiwa is here to empower your enterprise, making Conversational AI and other advanced Language Model (LLM) solutions accessible to everyone.

Kaiwa goes beyond the ordinary by automating the entire process of data anlysis. No technical expertise needed—just your vision, and Kaiwa takes care of the rest.​

Why choose KAIWA?

Unparalleled Privacy Focus

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We prioritize data security and privacy. Leverage the power of data analysis with complete peace of mind.

Effortless Data Storytelling


Our AI engine simplifies the process of extracting key insights and crafting impactful data stories. No coding experience required!

Actionable Insights

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Go beyond dashboards! Gain clear, actionable insights that inform better decision-making across your organization.

Where Data Becomes Your
Most Powerful Storyteller

The Benefits

Improved Communication

Communicate complex data insights to any audience with clear, engaging stories.

Enhanced Decision Making

Drive data-driven decision making based on actionable insights.

Data Privacy

Kaiwa operates within your infrastructure, ensuring data privacy is never a concern. With role-based access control, your data stays where it belongs—secure and private.

Increased Efficiency

Save time and resources with an automated data storytelling process.

Reduced Risk

Mitigate risks by identifying potential issues and opportunities through data analysis.


KAIWA features (1)

Data Story

Get deeper insights not just as graphs, but in the for comprehendible story

KAIWA features

Voice Enabled

Ask questions using speech in your dialect and receive interactive, spoken responses, making communication more intuitive and efficient.

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Multiple Data Sources Integration

Connect with CSV, PDF, RDBMS, Hadoop, MongoDB

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Data Visualization

Gain insights from your database with charts and graphs for effective data understanding and presentation.

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Instant Insights

Seamlessly connect your realtime database, ask questions and get insights instantly

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Embeddable Solution

Easily integrate the KAIWA into any data-oriented product to enhance functionality and user experience.

Start Talking To Your Data Today!

Say goodbye to technical roadblocks and hello to a future where AI works for you, effortlessly. Join Kaiwa, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

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