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Speak the World
Speak the World
Translate and hear text in any language, instantly.

Break down language barriers & communicate with
Anyone | Anywhere

Break down language barriers & communicate with
Anyone | Anywhere

Text to Speech

Real Time Components Real Time :

No more waiting for translations! Our AI engine processes text in real-time, so you can hear what you need instantly, without any delays.

  • No more waiting: Forget the frustration of slow translations. Conversations flow effortlessly, just like speaking with someone who knows your language.
  • Confidence in communication: Speak with clarity and understanding, regardless of the language barrier.
  • Effortless interaction: Order food, ask directions, or have meaningful conversations – all made possible with real-time translation.

Global Language Support

Speak to the world! With support for over 300 languages, including
Arabic, Swahili, Icelandic, and Basque, our AI breaks down communication barriers
across the globe.

Secure and Private

Your privacy matters. We employ industry-leading security protocols to 
safeguard your data and ensure your translations remain confidential.

AI-powered Voice Synthesis

Forget robotic voices! Our AI generates human-quality speech in various accents and dialects,
making your translations sound authentic 
and easy to understand.

  • Authenticity: Ditch the robotic voices! Hear translations spoken with the nuance and character of native speakers, from Parisian French to Texan English.
  • Engaging Listening: No more zoning out! The richness of different accents and dialects keeps your audience engaged and immersed in the information.
  • Cultural Immersion: Experience the world beyond words. Accents and dialects carry cultural nuances, adding depth and authenticity to your translations.
  • Accessibility: Choose the voice that resonates with you. Whether you prefer a formal British accent or a friendly Australian drawl, our AI has a voice for everyone.
  • Personalization: Make it your own! Tailor the voice to your preferences or match the tone of your content for maximum impact.

Integrates with Your Existing Tools

Work smarter, not harder. EPOHHN seamlessly integrates with your favourite apps and platforms, allowing you to translate on the go, without switching tools.

  • Streamlined workflow: No more context switching or app hopping. Translate within the apps you already use, keeping your focus and momentum.
  • Enhanced productivity: Get translations done instantly, saving precious time and effort, allowing you to accomplish more in less time.
  • Reduced frustration: Eliminate the hassle of copying, pasting, and switching tools. Our Translator is seamlessly integrated to make translation a seamless experience.
  • Improved collaboration: Communicate effectively with anyone, regardless of language, within your existing communication platforms.
  • Accessible information: Access and understand information in any language, directly on the websites and platforms you use daily.


What languages does the EPOHHN support?
We currently support multiple languages, including major languages, niche languages, and dialects. We’re constantly adding new languages based on user demand.

How secure is the EPOHHN?

Security and privacy are our top priorities. We utilize industry-leading security measures to protect your data, including encryption and access control.

What integration options are available for enterprise use?
We offer API integration for seamless integration with your existing workflows and platforms. We also support custom integrations and single sign-on (SSO) for secure access.

Can we customize EPOHHN for our specific needs?
Yes, we offer custom branding and voice personalization options to match your company’s identity. We can also work with you to develop custom features and functionalities.

What pricing options do you offer for enterprises?
We offer flexible pricing plans based on the number of users, languages, and features required. We also offer custom quotes for large-scale deployments. Contact us now for best pricing plans.

What is the accuracy of the translations?
Our AI-powered translation engine delivers high-quality translations with continuous improvement through machine learning. Accuracy varies depending on the language pair and complexity of the text. We offer translation quality metrics and feedback options.

Can EPOHHN handle technical documents and industry-specific language?
Yes, we can translate technical documents and adapt to industry-specific terminology through domain-specific training data. We offer custom glossaries and terminology management features.

What is the latency of the real-time translation?
A: Our real-time translation is designed for low latency and minimal delays. The actual latency may vary depending on the language pair and internet connection speed. We offer performance benchmarks and monitoring tools.

How easy is it to set up and deploy EPOHHN within our organization?
We offer comprehensive documentation and support for deployment and integration. We also provide training and onboarding sessions for your team.

Can we integrate EPOHHN with our existing communication and collaboration tools?
Yes, we offer integrations with popular platforms. We can also work with you to develop custom integrations for your specific tools.

How can we track and manage user activity and translation requests?
We provide detailed analytics and reporting on user activity, translation volume, and language usage. You can also set user permissions and access controls for secure and efficient management.

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