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The missing piece Voice AI but in the local dialect

Voice AI but in the Local Dialect

The missing piece Voice AI but in the local dialect

What is brand resonance? What is customer and employee relationship management? How much do customers love the brands they use? What does it take businesses to implement products and services that increase brand loyalty, newly called “Brand Love”?

We are talking about how much your business genuinely cares for your customer’s needs and preferences. How far is your company willing to proactively estimate and invest time, effort, and money in delivering products and services in line with customer’s expectations and, commonly, exceeding expectations? Is that even an option when technology can facilitate all this conveniently and at the most cost-effective rates?

The answer is that it is not an option anymore. Customer Intimacy is not an option anymore. This is why there is a need to pay attention to details. There is also a need to listen carefully to what the customers are indicating as their stated and unstated needs. This further leads to the necessity to use processes and technologies to provide those needs effectively.

One such critical area for most companies is “Customer engagement.” Using the latest AI and Generative AI solutions in many business areas is proving to be a boon. However, most prominently seen in action already is in “Customer engagement.” How a customer Application, whether B2C or B2B, interfaces with the customer enhances the adoption of the App and its usage. This is a critical metric for monitoring customer engagement rates and quality. In addition to making the experience 100% personalized and customized, AI can also provide a chatbot that extends to Some serious Innovators today have the same available with local language dialects. Now, why is this important?

The Spanish spoken in Spain is not the same as the Spanish spoken in South America. The Brand’s local resonance is felt only when spoken in the same language and dialect. The standard Spanish Language options available from global IT majors such as Google and AWS don’t cut it and are way off the mark. IT consulting and product engineering companies are making this change by investing heavily in building those smart AI models. They are also focusing on getting the relevant datasets developed with local dialects for them to be consumed by these AI models. All of this is for the best effect and customer experience. These companies never say die. They keep pushing the envelope on innovation to do whatever it takes to provide the best customer experience. This naturally results in great Brand Loyalty.

These solutions are applicable for almost all industry verticals. However, their usage is primarily in businesses with a high customer touch point, like Telecom, Banking, Financial Services, E-commerce, Quick Commerce, Stock Trading, FinTech, and Healthcare.

The question is, where do you find such great companies that are innovating to this level? They surely are there and should be marketing more aggressively. The latter should be done to get their products and services known worldwide for best adoption by businesses.

Customer Experience defines your Business today.

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