Black Basil Technologies

AI based lead generation and scoring system for real-estate

Black Basil built a Lead generation and scoring system leveraging AI which can generate the leads even before the buyer/seller start thinking about it and disrupting the way real estate business works.

Lead Generation and Scoring (Real-estate)

About Bizooda

Bizooda is digital marketing and analytics company which aims to propel real estate businesses for agents through innovation and marketing. It creates Real Estate Business Strategy and building innovative AI based solutions which would disrupt the way reals estate business works


The company built platform 1.0 and started with with UiPath and after couple years they found that they cannot scale and achieve its ambitious goals with the current platform as it lacks some important features. Some of the limitations were:


The Platform :

Built a platform that could ingest data from multiple sources and data cleaning, validations, data preprocessing happens through data and ML pipelines.

Built few experimental models with different approaches

Operationalised the best models for business use and exposed that via grpc based APIs

Tech: Databricks, gRPC , Python, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Multiple ML algorithms: Random Forest, XGBoost, Linear Regression, PCA etc

Key results:

Over the last few months, the Black Basil team has worked diligently on both strategy and execution of an ambitious vision to use AI and Data Science to create a solution for the real estate industry. The team used its varied skill set and experience to process complex data sets from multiple sources and create multiple models to satisfy the business needs. The team has always provided transparency and regular communication during the execution. We have also created a roadmap for the future to build on the foundation of what was developed in the first phase. Look forward to continued engagement with them.

Vipin Makhija - Founder & Product Strategy
Vipin Makhija
Founder & Product Strategy, Bizooda
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