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Hyper Automation : AIRA – Comidor


Hyper Automation PLatforms

Hyper automation is the concept of automating everything in an organization that can be automated. Organizations that adopt Hyper automation aim to streamline processes across their business using artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and other technologies to run without human intervention.
Aira Hyper Automation

AIRA leverages AI and machine learning to enable robotic automation across business operations. By mimicking and enhancing human capabilities, self-learning AIRA systems boost efficiency, productivity and cost savings through automating repetitive workflows. Key technologies like computer vision and intelligent warehouse management manifest the capabilities of AIRA through automated quality control, customer service and inventory tracking.

Hyper Automation Comidor

Comidor is a digital automation platform that empowers businesses to achieve fast and continuous business improvement, harnessing the power of low-code BPM & AI. Large multinational corporations, trust Comidor, to automate their core processes and have a critical impact on their bottom line and customer experience. It is possible for companies to integrate legacy applications into a high-end, market-proven orchestration solution, while enabling process automation.