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We help insurers to expand and increase their product diversity and services to meet their client’s ever-evolving needs. In addition to creating unexpected new ecosystems, the company plans to invest in customer-facing, cloud-based digital innovations. Additionally, the insurance industry champions diversity in its agents and leadership, forging sustainability initiatives.

Insurance Analytics

Our data scientists deliver advanced analytics to optimize underwriting

We’ve partnered with top global insurers to enable confident decisions

Our Insurance Analytics Solutions:

Predictive Risk Assessment

– Our AI algorithms analyze demographics, conditions and more to forecast loss ratios and ideal pricing.

AI-Powered Fraud Detection

– Machine learning identifies claims patterns, anomalies and risk signals indicating potential fraud.

Data-backed Pricing Forecasts

– Our actuarial analytics leverage data to forecast pricing aligned to evolving risk levels.

Real-Time Customer Apps

– Decouple transaction systems to enable on-demand quoting, recommendations and churn prediction.

Centralized Model Management

– Unify models, metrics, monitoring and alerts on our platform for easy access and visibility.

Insurance Analytics Packages:

Custom Risk Models

– Work with us to build risk models predictive of losses based on unique data.

Fraud Prediction Models

– Our algorithms learn to detect signs of fraudulent claims activity to protect revenue.

Pricing Optimization

– Forecast pricing trends and optimize pricing strategies based on historical claims data.

Embedded Engagement Apps

– We build real-time underwriter and customer apps with embedded analytics.

Unified Analytics Platform

– Centralize all models, insights, and monitoring to integrate analytics into workflows.

Confidently Underwrite Risk

Let Black Basil provide the predictive analytics to optimize underwriting decisions across your book of business. Contact us to learn more!

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